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Value proposition

Improve quality of care

Veuu helps providers arrive at the right code, adjudicate claims at discharge, maintain documentation integrity, and properly evaluate claims for risk of payment & denial within seconds.  That means higher quality care, instant claims payments, reduced costs, external quality and enhanced reputation.

Adjudication at discharge

The payments platform for providers, payers, and clearing houses

payVeuu processes instant payments directly to the provider using API wire, ACH API, and wallet to wallet capabilities. All payments are tracked on an immutable blockchain, obviating fraud.

Connecting the healthcare universe

payVeuu is a single payment platform for healthcare that caters to providers, payers, and clearinghouses with instant payments 24/7/365.

Significant benefits

payVeuu offers instant settlement with no transaction limits and full audit capabilities, maximizing your balance sheet while minimizing counterparty risk.

Adjudication at discharge

Providers can receive instant payments upon discharge with off balance sheet treatment and no hassle or recourse.

Claims payment automation processing

Payments are initiated immediately for a risk approved 837 through a series of APIs that require no human intervention using a bank’s secure payment rails.

Portfolio tracking

Portfolios of claims are booked as trades and real time values are tracked in Bloomberg, providing stakeholders real time portfolio returns.

Remove risk with autonomous coding

codeVeuu is an autonomous coding backend tool that leverages large language models (LLM) and natural language processing (NLP) combined with HL7 to read doctor’s notes in the EMR coding encounters across all coding languages.

HL7 compliant and certified by Epic and Cerner, codeVeuu works within the existing hospital’s workflow.

Code thousands of claims in seconds

codeVeuu can accurately code thousands, even hundreds of thousands of claims in seconds. You’ll never fall behind again.

Progressive learning & modeling built-in

Through progressive learning, codeVeuu will model the coding to determine its accuracy and learn the language associated with the doctor’s notes within the claim. This method of execution combines machine learning with computational linguistics to advance the overall intelligence of codeVeuu.

Turn coders into super-human coders

While codeVeuu does the heavy lifting, humans stay focused on higher value, data-driven tasks such as completing claims that are missing information and cannot be processed, directly impacting cash flow.

You'll only see claims that need special attention

codeVeuu can assess & risk profile every claim in seconds for adjudication. If the claim has an error that can't be recognized, the encounter will be sent back to a human coder in the hospital to evaluate and correct claim. Through risk modeling, codeVeuu learns from this process, leveraging the human-in-the-loop.

Simplify complex inpatient encounters

codeVeuu codes by ordering diagnosis including, admitting diagnosis, principal diagnosis, and all secondary diagnosis making the DRG application efficient.

Coding without human intervention

codeVeuu can code complex inpatient and/or simple outpatient encounters with no human intervention at scale.


Quick, efficient, and accurate coding for institutional and professional claims that includes writing codes directly back to the EMR.


Just because the machine said it is the right code, is it? It is if its use and definition, based on the procedure, can be explained and used as audit defense.


Every encounter is different. That means coding based on what the doctor said, not anything else. No bias is critical.


If your EMR speaks HL7, then you can use codeVeuu with a simple VPN connection.

De-risk claims at scale to drive profitability

riskVeuu is a comprehensive risk profiling engine that determines all risks in a claim at the procedure level.

Confident coding

Risk evaluation takes place at coding by providing a confidence of the coding assigned.

Payment prediction

Payments risk is also determined at adjudication including, predictions that determine likelihood of a healthcare payment, the amount of payment, and time to payment (A/R days).

Risk assessment

Claims portfolio risk is assessed in real-time by cohorting data to quickly flush out claims that carry the most risk; such as claims that have incomplete or missing information resulting in a high chance of denial or adjustment.

Calculated trends

Provider risk is evaluated based on historical compilation of claims and remit (837 and 835) data, trended over a time series to determine claim trends that pose the highest risk to the provider.

Determine denial in seconds with same-day resubmission

riskVeuu will tell you the denial, adjustment and remark codes seconds after a claim is submitted.

Realtime rate of return 
& portfolio creation

Rate of return is driven by adjudication at discharge, lowering of A/R days and reduction of denials.

Audit defense

inVeuu is a healthcare data platform that aggregates and models healthcare claims and payments information on the fly.  It interacts with millions of claims and payments to provide meaningful behavior patterns, traits, statistics, and trends.

HIPAA compliant

inVeuu only displays de-identified data that is derived from modeled insights, with up to 7 variables per analysis in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Download modeled data

This data analytics platform enables subscribers to download bespoke data that they have requested to be modeled on the fly.

Model & chart claims on the fly

Get audit defense with realtime, on-the-fly modeling and charting for all your claims.

Find claims causing denial

Claims causing denials are identified on the procedural level, nationwide, for all payers.

Identify out-of-network claims

You’ll know if out of network claims are crippling your practice from a specific payer.

A looking glass into your claims, secured by blockchain

lensVeuu interacts with codeVeuu and riskVeuu for maintaining and tracking claims, associated risk, and adjudications. It is also a portfolio building and management tool that visualizes an entire portfolio of claims and remit in real time. A seamless interface to Bloomberg, lensVeuu reflects the financial gain/loss of a portfolio at any given time.